Our Process

Our business sees great importance in clarifying all stages of the building process from design, documentation, and permit applications through to construction.

As your builder we are the intermediate point between you and your vision and the trades on site who will create it. Our business uses processes which enable clear communication between all parties involved in the building process.

Clear and accurate communication ensures successful running of the project and ultimately ensures that you get want you want.


We can design your new home, renovation or extension using our team of designers. Alternatively you may already have had plans produced by your own Architect or Designer and you are looking for a builder to turn those plans into your home.


We provide a thorough fixed price quotation from the drawings for your new home. During this process we produce an estimate that thoroughly covers the scope of works to be undertaken. Nothing is missed, ensuring there will be no surprises later.


If you haven’t already arranged finance, we have a range of lenders with loans to suit your finance needs. We can arrange for our finance specialist visit you to discuss your situation and recommend the best loan for your needs.


On acceptance of the fixed price quotation, a building contract is created. The building contract ensures that there is a clear understanding between both us the builder and you the home owner of the scope of works to be undertaken.


The construction of the home is undertaken and progresses through stages with progress payments for the works made at regular stages as set out in your contract. This is generally base (the completion of the slab or sub floor), frame (completion of the structural frame), lockup (completion of all external cladding and house secure), fix (completion of internal works prior to painting), and completion (completion of all works). During the construction we schedule regular site visits with you and or your Architect on site, to keep you informed of the progress and discuss any issues.


On completion of the construction works, we complete a final inspection to ensure all items are completed as required. Your home is left clean and ready for you to move in and enjoy your new lifestyle.


After you have been in your new home for 3 months, we undertake a maintenance check and any defective items are repaired as required